New Crochet Project

I am delinquent in posting progress on the pineapple prayer shawl. Ugh. I will never make another one of these. My goal of making a different pattern prayer shawl each month this year has been shattered. From now on, I’m sticking to basic prayer shawls. I do hope to have this one finished soon and I’ll post pictures then. Right now, pictures wouldn’t show what it really looks like.

BUT, I’m excited about taking on a new type of crochet ministry. Our church prayer shawl group is now making sleeping mats for the homeless in our area to donate to the Mustard Seed Project. They are made from plastic bags. I’d never heard of this until one of our members told us about it. There are numerous sites on the internet with videos and instructions on how to make these. I found this one to be the best example. It’s long, but worth watching.

Click Here for Video and Instructions

It takes about 500-700 bags to make one sleeping mat. They are really soft, waterproof, and lightweight. The mats can be rolled up and secured with a carrying strap, also made from plastic bags! The bags are cut into strips, looped together and rolled into a ball…plastic yarn (known as plarn). These mats are beautiful. By creating plarn separated by ball into “colors” you can make stripes, or if you want to have a variegated mat, you could created one by combining different colors into one ball. The hardest part is straightening the bag, cutting, and hooking the loops together. The entire project is made with just a single crochet throughout. I’d suggest using a metal crochet hook in a size 10 or larger, depending on whether you crochet tight or loose. I have a tendency to crochet tighter than most, so I’m using a size 10.5. Once the chain row and first row of sc is completed, the rest becomes easier.

I’ll post pics of my first finished project when it’s complete. Right now it’s only three rows long! But I really need to finish that pineapple shawl before I work on the sleeping mat again.



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