Finished Pineapple Prayer Shawl and Update

Whoa! It’s been a long time since I updated, but I have excuses. Mostly I’ve been busy writing and taking care of four kittens I rescued. Trying to find them a home now. Kittens can be exhausting, especially when I need to keep them contained in one room of the house and away from my three grown and very spoiled cats.

But back to crocheting. I finished the dreaded pineapple prayer shawl. It turned out really pretty, but I still stick to never doing that pattern again. Here are pictures of the finished project. Hope they aren’t too dark to show up. Remember, this was from donated yarn, so it wanted to split. Also not as soft as current yarns today. But after washing and using softener, it turned out pretty good.

Back of Shawl

Points at front on each side

The pattern was worked in one piece. At the neck, I had to start working on one side. Each side ended in four “points” which drape when worn. You can see how they drape in the picture of the front. These pics were taken with the shawl on the back of a kitchen chair. Too hard to take a picture of myself wearing it. One of the perils of living alone!

Front of shawl

Hope you can see how the shawl drapes in the front. It is a pretty shawl, just too difficult of a pattern to do and watch television at the same time. (grin)

I’m now concentrating on making sleeping mats for the homeless in our area. These are made from plastic bags which are cut into strips and looped together to make “plarn.” Working with the material is hard on the wrists and takes a lot longer than crocheting with yarn. Plus there’s the time it takes to find bags, flatten them, and cut them before looping them together into a ball. Anyway here is the beginning of the one I’m making. Currently it’s about twice as long as this picture.

Folded mat - All single crochet with a "N" hook

This is how it looks unfolded

The mat is about 2-3/4 feet wide and will be 6 feet long. However, I may make it around 8 feet and fold over the top, fill it with pieces which have been cut off the tops and bottoms of bags and secure it all around to make a “pillow” at the top. The mat will have straps so it can be rolled, secured and then carried over the shoulder.

I must confess my “office” has a lot of plastic bags stored because it takes about 700 bags for a 6 foot mat!

That is my update for now. Happy crocheting, everyone!




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