Uh-Oh…Addictive Crochet

Garden Afghan

A dear friend invited me to crochet an afghan with her and she enticed my daughter to do the same. Sounded like fun, so I decided to choose colors which are in my summer garden. There are 20 squares and 10 different patterns. So far I have 10 squares completed, working on number 11. I’m going to use a medium green color to stitch them all together. And then I’ll decide what colors to use in the border…may be all green, too. The idea was to have a nice comfy afghan for the winter months which would remind me of the pretty gardens in spring and summer.

The problem arose when the three of us decided to Skype together once a week to share progress and have a crochet gab fest. This is the first time I’ve ever “skyped.” Must admit it’s FUN!! The problem? These two ladies have always got multiple projects going. Truly, it makes my head spin to see all the beautiful things they make.  And now…I have four projects in the works.

Sleeping Mat for Homeless


I’m still working on the homeless sleeping mat. I do it in shifts of flattening bags, cutting bags, hooking strips together, and crochet. But my hands get sore when I do this too much, thus the afghan was a nice change. That would be okay…two different projects, but…

Blue and Cream "Sunshine" Prayer Shawl


I didn’t want to neglect my prayer shawls. So I started another one using the Sunshine pattern everyone loves so well. This time, though I’m following the pattern and crocheting in both loops instead of just the back loop. I like it the other way better, but this is a change. I’m using some donated yarn in cream and a stash of blue left from another project. Okay, that’s 3….

Dress for Rhyan


And then I decided to go back to Ravelry again and look around at some free patterns to use another stash of yellow baby yarn to make something for my new great granddaughter, Rhyan. I found an adorable dress pattern and couldn’t resist starting it…

And that is how crochet can become addictive. I have vowed not to start another project until at least one of these four is completed!

The summer has been fun with all the crochet projects, Skype, and making progress on the third book in the Havens Creek series which will be released around Thanksgiving. It is a Christmas book and I hope my readers love this book as much as the others and as much as I’m enjoying writing it.

Happy crocheting!



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