All You Need is Love…and a Cat

My dear friend brought me a plaque from a trip to the beach this summer. It says “All you need is love…and a cat.” When she gave it to me she said, “You have both.”

She knows me. She knows my heart. We’ve shared so many things over the years we have been friends. Memories abound, laughter abounds, and we have even shared the fear and angst of our sons being sent to a far off Eastern country during Desert Storm. We’ve laughed together, cried together, and share the same moral values.

Even though she is a dog person and encouraged me to get a dog after my husband’s passing, she understands my love for cats and the quiet and humorous companionship they give me.

I am loved. I have a large, loving family; a large, loving church family; abundant friends and the greatest love of all…the love of Jesus.

“All you need is love…and a cat.” Sounds like a simple statement, but it is so much deeper. And it is so true.

Catching up on my crochet projects…I made an adorable pinafore and diaper cover for my new great granddaughter.

I am working on the last square for the afghan I started the first of this month and also added quite a few rows on the sleeping mat for the homeless. The prayer shawl is almost finished! Having a few projects in progress keeps me from getting bored with crocheting.

Lately I’ve not turned on the television, nor listened to a book on audio, while I’m crocheting. I’m using the quiet time to think about the progress on my latest book. I’m able to step into the other world and picture the scenes I need to edit and add. This is my multi-tasking as of late.

The book I’m currently writing is the third book in the Havens Creek series and will be released in time for Christmas reading. Have you read the first two books yet? Learn more on my Books link at the top of the page.

Trapped, available in print and ebook formats

Wishing you all happy crochet and knit time!



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