The Real Me…Oh, Look A Pretty Butterfly!

I’m a writer. I have to tell myself that on a daily basis. On my monitor are the words: “Show up for work on a daily basis!!” I must remind myself that I have a job. That job title is “Writer.”

Nothing gets written unless I show up for work. The big advantage is if I’m sick, I can write in my pajamas with a cup of hot tea and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. The bathroom is only one door away.

The disadvantage is having a short attention span…oh, look a finch on a coneflower!! Sorry I lost my train of thought. As I started to say, writing requires me to focus on my story and disregard outside distractions. Listen! A Facebook comment. I. Will. Not. Look.

There is a sign on my office door which says, “Do not disturb. Author at work.” It does no good. My cats can’t read. Neither can the man ringing my doorbell to tell me he’s going to bury the neighbor’s cable. (I’m lucky enough to have all the utility boxes in my backyard.)

And I have this great book I’m reading. It’s right here on my Kindle Fire…see!! And games to play and emails to read!!

I’m not exaggerating at all. Working at home has way too many distractions and I would much rather be having fun. Wait! Writing is fun. I love to write. Except when I’m thinking too much and wanting to change the beginning and that last chapter…it could be done much better.

I’m hopeless. Even writing provides a distraction for me. I like to say it’s because I’m so good at multi-tasking. Yes, I have a lot of projects. A nearly finished crochet prayer shawl, a half-finished crochet homeless sleeping mat, the last 1/3 of my back yard which needs mowed, rose bushes and coneflowers to trim back, laundry spilling out of the hamper, a smudge of chocolate on my SUV’s back seat (don’t ask), the daily Bible reading which will result in reading the entire Bible in a year, a Bible Study class, daily devotions, and housework, and food to cook…. My list is probably similar to yours, right? Now how I did all that, took care of a husband, and worked full time and still found time to write three books is beyond my comprehension now.

I truly thought this year I’d be so proficient at writing that I’d be able to write three new¬†books. Now, I’m almost finished with book two, but…oh, look!! A pretty butterfly!!!

And so it goes,

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