Are You Deadline Oriented?

Once upon a time I had a lot of time to accomplish tasks. I didn’t really feel rushed when I reported for a nine hour workday…out of the house (yes, I included lunch). I still found time to write my novels, do the housework, and connect with family.

Now that my day job is an at-home writer, it seems I can rarely find time to write. This had to end, so yesterday I decided to make a to-do list, just as I did working as an Administrative Assistant. I put everything on the list, including a dedicated time slot for writing.

Looking at this every day keeps me motivated to accomplish the tasks in the allotted time frame. Someone once asked if I worked better under pressure. I said no, but I do believe the answer is yes. I like challenges and having a to-do list every day is like having a deadline. I’m self-motivated when I have specific goals to meet…even self-imposed goals. I don’t want to end the day on a down note because I wasted the day procrastinating. (Easy to do, when you are distracted by….ooooh, look! A squirrel on the fence!!) Yes, that is me. Writing in a coffee house would never work for me!

My list includes things like devotions, Bible reading, Bible study, writing (of course), yardwork, housework, marketing, blogging, treadmill time, and crocheting/knitting. Wilbur the cat would be very unhappy if he didn’t get to lay on my lap while I work with yarn (as evidenced in the picture above).

Being a writer is a job and must be treated as such. Showing up for work on a daily basis is not an option, but a necessity. On the plus side, the hours are flexible; the words get written; and a sense of accomplishment follows. On the negative side…wait!! I can’t think of any negatives! Imagine that.


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