Pink and Black – A Pretty Combination

pink and black prayer shawlI missed going to my prayer shawl group last month due to a family situation. This Saturday I’ll have two shawls to donate. The blue and cream one included in the previous post and one I just finished utilizing my stash of left-over yarn. Both shawls were creating using the ¬†Sunshine Pattern from Annie’s Attic “Chemo Caps and Wraps” book, page 56, design by Becky Stevens. (Click for pattern)

My cat, Templeton, has to approve every completed project. You can see him checking it out in the picture. LOL!

I love the way pink and black go together. I only had one skein of black, so I decided to do six rows in black and 12 rows in pink, beginning and ending with black. I also tried something different, by using a larger hook to crochet the first six rows and the last six rows. It drapes nicely using this technique.

I’ve set a goal of doing 4 rows daily on the sleeping mat. Some days I have to cut strips and loop them together instead of crocheting. Unbelievable how many bags this is taking! But it will be such a great feeling of accomplishment when it’s finished.

A few days ago, I was writing a scene in my upcoming Christmas novel, and it was so much fun. The scene was set in a church with five ladies conversing at a prayer shawl group. Such different personalities! It is true that you will find something of the author in every book you read. Those who know me will be able to pick up on those little things. In a previous release, JOSHUA’S HOPE, I added a stuffed white dog as a little boy’s favorite toy. My grandson had one just as I described it and he called it “white doggie” just like Joshua did in this novel.

May your hands continue to create comfort for those in need.

Happy crocheting!

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