Here I Am, Lord

DSC02514-1024x768Sometimes when God speaks, it is through the beauty of a flower, the whisper of the wind, or a captivating sunrise. Not so today, when I was brought to sobs and tears through the sound of His voice.

I had just come from the hospital where I’d had an x-ray taken and as I neared my vehicle, an elderly lady passed by. She carried a small plastic grocery bag carefully resting in one hand. She was bent slightly with arthritis and walking with slow, heavy steps toward the hospital doors. She was concentrating on something other than the outside world.

I started my SUV and backed out of the parking place and sought her out. She was nearing the main entrance doors, her gait still slow and steady, her head slightly bowed with her rounded shoulders. An overpowering need to pray swept me and I began to pray out loud for her. The tears began to roll and words tumbled out and though I didn’t know why she needed prayer, God did! Before I left the hospital lot, sobs were shaking my shoulders and salty tears rolled across my lips. This continued for the remainder of the drive home.

Never have I experienced such a call from God before. All I can say is it was overwhelming and consuming. Even now as I write this, I see her and sorrow fills me. Again, my heart is filled with compassion and the sobs are wracking my body. I will never know why God put her in my heart, but I’m humbled.

Perhaps this is love. Perhaps this is what Jesus feels when He sees his sheep.


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