A New Day is a Gift to Enjoy

DSC01176Today is Groundhog Day. There are six more weeks of winter weather for those of us in the Midwest. Snow, freezing temperatures, ice, bitter wind…we’ll get it all in the next two months. Some people will complain and groan and wish for warmer weather. Not me.

I really enjoy the winter months. Each day is a gift God gives me to enjoy and I won’t waste it in whining and complaining because of the weather. In fact, the brisk cold blowing against my cheeks is exhilarating. I really don’t mind shoveling snow. I like to sit with a warm cup of tea and look out the windows at falling snow. Why would I waste any of this by wanting something different?

God provides, period. He is faithful. Everything we have comes from God. So, I know spring will come bringing the regrowth of green grass, plants, flowers, and leaves covering the branches of the now-barren trees. I’ll enjoy watching as God provides a new landscape, a new view from my window. And I’ll be grateful…and enjoy.


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