Our Plan; His Plan

As a writer, I work hard on planning the outline for my books. First getting to know the characters and their backgrounds, then designing a story around them, and next making the pretty storyboard of scenes. Then I start writing and I have to laugh because the pink and blue scene notes for the first chapter do not match anything I’ve written.

Our lives are like that, too. I remember planning with my husband to retire, buy a motor home, and travel around the United States visiting places we always wanted to see. A dream. We talked often after retirement about how different our lives were from the dream, but how happy we were with enjoying each other’s company in the home we’d shared for years. We were surrounded by wonderful memories and though we didn’t see all those places we’d only heard about, we were together. We were content. I wouldn’t trade those three years with him for anything in the world. God knew our days together were limited; we didn’t. But the path He chose for us was perfect in the time we had left. I still miss him, my heart will always belong to him, and my prayers to God are filled with thanks for bringing us together from two twisted paths.

These days I don’t make plans for the future. Each day is a gift. I have an idea of what I want to do, but sometimes God changes the to do list. I’ve learned His way is always better than mine.


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