What Time?

Do you remember when you were in grade school how long the days seemed to be? Oh, the pain and agony of waiting for the school year to end and summer to begin! The only thing that came quickly was bedtime.

As a youngster the thought of growing old was an impossibility to imagine! We enjoyed running and playing with friends, riding bikes, tossing balls, and rolling in the green grass…or building snowmen in the winter. Days seemed endless.

Why, then, do you suppose time seems to fly by so quickly as we grow into adults? Is it the busy schedules we have? I used to think that was the reason, but recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that we just don’t take time to enjoy our lives. Children cherish every waking moment and look at the world as a place filled with opportunities. We look at chores, to-do lists, and accomplishments…or failures.

Children have things to do as well. They have school, chores, and scheduled activities…yet they don’t get so caught up in what they have to do to forget to enjoy themselves, to interact with friends, to laugh, to find time to play.

We’ve forgotten how to do these things. Oh, how I wish I could approach each new day as a beautiful gift and each minute and hour as an opportunity for joy.

We carry our burdens in our thoughts and our backs are bent under the weight. The first step in reclaiming the joy in living is to turn our burdens over to God…to fully trust in Him and His promise to provide for our needs and to prosper our lives. It takes a deep faith and a true turning to God and trusting that He is big enough! God can do anything.

Lifting my cup of tea to wish each of you a day of looking at your day through the eyes of a child.


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