Toilet Paper, Oranges and Brooms…What Do These Have in Common?

ToothpasteThere are so many things we do that require both hands and we never think about them. Learning to use the left hand hasn’t been easy, but I am getting better. However, have you ever stopped to think about how you use both hands for even the simplest tasks…like

    Putting toothpaste on your toothbrush
    Scrambling eggs…the skillet will move!
    Tearing off a strip of toilet paper or a paper towel
    Peeling an orange
    Sweeping or mopping the floor
    Buttoning or zipping
    Putting on socks
    Folding laundry

As I learn more and more of these things I won’t be able to do, I will make adjustments. The housecleaning can wait! Hurray! Finally an excuse. I will skip socks and wear slippers and slide on shoes. I can always make a pile of already torn toilet paper and paper towels, or remove these from their holders and use my legs to steady them. As for stirring things on the stove, I will have to forgo that kind of cooking…and oranges. Thank goodness there are a variety of frozen meals that can be microwaved!! And patience. I’ll need a lot of patience.

Only two weeks until surgery! I have a list of heart happy movies to watch and a stash of books to read. And I have Dragon software for writing. Life is good, and so is God. One day I’ll look back at this and laugh.

Lifting my cup of tea to wish you a day of love and laughter!


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