Wind Chimes and Recovery

A little cloudier today than yesterday and a little bit cooler. Each day moves us closer to spring. It has been a long winter with a lot of snow along the way. I’m probably one of the crazy people because I enjoyed the snow. Each season brings something new, and after the months of cold and snow-blanketed ground, spring blooms forth with tiny buds on the trees and little sprouts of green pushing through the dirt. I’m looking forward to that time and also being able to sit on my deck to enjoy my morning cup of tea. Today I’m sitting in my kitchen and looking through the sliding door. I can hear the wind chimes, a very comforting sound.

During the past week of my recovery, I fell a little behind in my daily Bible reading. I try to read three chapters a day, but some days I only managed one. I love starting my day with a cup of tea and reading the Bible. This is my daily bread. A small desk in my bedroom is the perfect place to read my Bible. Sun shines through the windows and I can listen to the wind chimes on the mornings like this when a nice breeze is blowing. Wind chimes remind me to stop and reflect, to relax, to be patient.

My recovery is coming along nicely. I had my follow-up appointment with the doctor yesterday and most of the staples were removed from the large incision. Next week the remaining staples will be removed and I’ll be able to get out of this sling. At that point I will be able to drive and do normal movements with my right arm, but no lifting. Therapy will begin three weeks after that appointment.

After having some issues with my speech to text software, I finally have everything working properly. So I’m able now to do some writing in the afternoons. Though the book I had promised to my readers would be out in the spring of this year will be delayed due to the unexpected surgery, I hope to finish it over the summer. I also am excited to be able to start knitting and crocheting once again. Patience is something I’ve never been good at, and God continues to provide opportunities for me to learn. I feel this small setback has taught me much about being patient. Through prayer and faith, I’m gaining the ability to slow down and enjoy the moments of each day. My heart is happy.

I would like to encourage each of you to find a way to slow down. The old saying “stop and smell the roses,” comes to mind. Life has a way of pressing down on us and instilling a sense to rush from one thing to another, from one place to another. How often do you sit in a quiet spot, close your eyes, and take deep cleansing breaths? If you are like me, probably very seldom. Don’t wait for an unexpected surgery to slow you down. Take a few moments out of each day to spend with God and to seek His wisdom and guidance.

Lifting my cup of tea to wish you a blessed and beautiful day.


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