The Power of One

Good Friday. A day in history which brought grief, shock, and even celebration among some Roman troops. As I look through my window at the overcast skies with the promise of rain throughout the day, the weather seems fitting for a day such as this. But for Christians, we celebrate this day in remembrance of the greatest gift ever given knowing that the grave could not hold Jesus and a great day of celebration is coming!

Advertisements abound showing Easter baskets, colored eggs, and chocolate bunnies. For some families, this is what Easter is about. When the disciples began their work of spreading the gospel and building the church, there were no such advertisements. What they faced was persecution and death. I would like to think if I was challenged with denying my beliefs, I would be willing to die instead. But I don’t know if my character is that strong. Words come easy, don’t they? How about you?

Do we even stand up for our beliefs? We sit in the comfort of our homes and watch horrible things happening. We talk about them in our safety circles. But we don’t take action to change anything. We think it takes a majority of people to make change and that one person, like us, has no power. Yet one person, one atheist, managed to remove prayer from our schools. Think about it.

What we can do is spread kindness and love and let the light of Jesus shine before us in all we do. We were made to love and help others. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus by opening our eyes and looking at people as Jesus sees them. So on this Good Friday, I lift my cup of tea and ask you to search your heart and reach out to make someone’s day more beautiful.


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