In the Good Old Summertime

Me and JudyGrowing up in Dutch Hollow is something I wish all kids could experience. Especially in the summertime. We’d eat breakfast and run outside, only coming home when we were hungry…or before dusk. There was always something to do.

Sometimes we’d gather old blankets and make “forts” using lawn chairs as anchors. We’d raid our mother’s kitchens for cookies and other snacks and climb inside with a stack of comic books. When we were younger, we were all friends, boys and girls alike. There wasn’t any “boys only” or “girls only” allowed. We just enjoyed our days and our time together. Boys played hopscotch with the girls and girls played baseball with the boys.

We rode our bikes with baseball cards attached in the spokes to make noise. We traveled up and down hills letting the wind blow our hair and never grew tired. Sometimes we’d sit in the grass and make clover chain necklaces and bracelets. Summer days were full of fun.

In the evenings, we’d chase lightning bugs and put them in jars and let them be a nightlight in our rooms. I wasn’t quite as squirmish about some things as I now am…back then I thought nothing of pulling the “light” off those bugs and putting it on my finger as a “shiny ring.”

Folks would sit in their yards and visit with neighbors while we kids ran around in the dark playing hide and go seek.

Those were wonderful days. Summer seemed to last forever when we were kids. Ah, yes, those were the good old days. If only our kids could experience life as I did. There were no computers, or video games, no television except for Saturday nights. We made our own games and used our imaginations to fill in the blanks.

Thanks for joining me as I wander back in time. Oh, yes, the picture above is me and my friend, Judy. I’m on the left. I hope my stories bring a smile to your heart and trigger a few memories of your own. God bless and keep you…until next time.


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