The Mystery Monster in the Lake


I put the picture of you sitting in the fishing boat we rented when we were camping as the background on my laptop. Now every time I open my computer, I talk to you. The first few times, I cried…well, honestly, I cry every time when I say goodbye. It’s easier to talk to you when we’re sitting face to face. I do all the talking now, which is the opposite of when you were still here with me. Oh, how you loved to talk. Our friends still comment on how many long conversations they had with you. Nellie still remembers the hours you’d spend at the welcome desk in the church during the times you went there to work in the garden or do repair work. You are missed by many.


I so remember that camping trip when I took the picture. It’s the time you snagged either a huge turtle or carp. That was quite a battle! The line would go under the boat and to the opposite side, and you’d ask me to hold the pole while you used the oar to change direction. We were lucky the game warden didn’t come by since I never had a fishing license in my life. I’m glad you didn’t win that battle. It has been much more fun talking about the mystery monster in the lake.


That was the first time we camped at that particular state park at Wayne Forest. I can’t remember the name of it, but I’m sure you do! It was also the first time we took the small camper we bought. You were setting it up at night and boy we had a challenge. But the fire was gorgeous and we enjoyed our little spot. I miss our camping days. We had so many stories to talk about afterward, didn’t we? When our lives took a different turn than we planned, our hearts were warmed with the memories of things we could no longer enjoy. But we enjoyed each other, and we were happy just being together. Thank you for all the prayers you said for me, my love. My life has been blessed.

DIGITAL CAMERAWell, my love, it’s time to say goodbye once again. I must leave our memory sharing now and take care of cleaning the house. I wonder if there are housekeeping chores in heaven? I bet God is keeping you busy building things and tending gardens. I believe He prepares us through life for our jobs in heaven. Until we meet again…

I love you.

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