The Old Homestead and a Bad Haircut

The clanWhen wandering through old pictures, one can actually feel as if they’ve stepped back in time…at least I do. I found this picture which shows me with a horrible bang cut, probably done by Mom.

The people are far left, Mom; next to her is Grandma Gifford holding my baby cousin, Andy; behind Gram is Grandpa Gifford; next on the sofa is my Aunt Alzada, the mother of baby Andy and Howie who is sitting next to her; Grandma Butler and Grandpa Butler are on the far right hand side of the sofa…and on the floor is me with the bad haircut.

Not sure what the occasion for this was, but our family never needed an occasion to get together. Most every weekend we could expect a yard or house filled with family. Back then family was the center of everything good. Boy I remember all the summer cookouts, some barbeques and others fish fries. Always an abundance of food for all. We kids played outside and never sat in front of a television set or game console. Our activities included running, jumping and lots of exercise. We made up our own games.

I was about the age when I had a horse named Spooky.┬áBut Spooky didn’t require hay or shelter…he was just a plain old stick…not even sure where he came from, but I rode him all over our yard. Took a lot of teasing from my city cousin, Howie, but I didn’t care. I just kept Spooky hidden when he came to visit. Growing up in the country was a lot different than doing so in the city. Spooky and I had lots of adventures together. One of these days I’ll share a story I wrote about me and Spooky.

Funny how the house and yard seemed so much bigger when I was a kid. Everything seemed to shrink by the time my kids were visiting the old homestead. I was sad when Mom had to put the place up for sale and move from southern Illinois to live with us. I know it broke her heart, too. There are a lot of memories there…along with Dad’s ashes scattered in the place he loved so dearly.

Thanks for coming back to visit my old homestead with me.



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