Outdated but Serviceable, Just Like Me!

I’ve been learning to be more thrifty and change old habits of replacing things which aren’t “perfect” any longer. People can easily look around their homes and get caught in the “must make everything look brand new and beautiful.”

PC-2-2015 - WIN_20150723_101155My living room set is 15 years old. The sofa has been so loved that instead of sitting an inch off the floor in the middle, it touches the floor. But the material is still in great shape and the cushions are comfortable. Yes, it is outdated by today’s modern standards and there have been times I wished I could replace it just to keep up with the times.

When I shower, I’m very aware that the silver flexible part of my pull down shower head has some dark spots where the finish has worn off. “I really should replace this. I wonder how hard it would be to install a new one,” ran through my thoughts.

If I look around my home I see many things that are old and showing signs of normal wear. It would take money which is clearly not in my budget to make the changes. However, Jesus reminded me of something very important. Though my body has aged and I’m not as strong as I once was, he loves me anyway. I’m still able to carry out His will. He would never think of tossing me away because I’m not all shiny and new.

My sofa is comfortable and serviceable. The shower head still performs beautifully. It is the world which has created this need for society to “upgrade and replace” to remain up to worldly standards. This is the devil’s doing! Beware!

I have been a work in progress since the moment I was conceived. As I age, I take time to stop and listen for God’s Word to guide me. I have become more attuned to looking at things through the eyes of Jesus. He sees things much different than those of worldly views.

No longer do I dwell on what others might see when they enter my home. It’s my shelter the good Lord has provided. And I’m grateful for the well-loved, well-used comforts.



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