Shampoo, a Mop, and a Sense of Humor!

I love starting my day with a smile and especially with laughter. I remember when some things which happen used to make me frustrated because I was constantly rushing…trying to get to work in time, or to an appointment on time, or just wanting to get my day going.

This morning while showering, I reached for my shampoo to wash my hair. My thoughts were on something else entirely. The shampoo was thick and rich as I massaged my scalp and thought about the things on my to accomplish list.

Suddenly I thought about the shampoo. The smell was different, even the feel of the suds was much different, creamier. And then I realized what I’d used!


I didn’t bother using shampoo next. I figures if Dove softens my skin, it should soften my hair, too! LOL!¬†Actually, my hair feels great.

My came over this morning and before she left, she helped me find the place where the batteries go in my Swiffer mop. We replaced the batteries, and I then replaced the cleaning fluid. I looked at the mop then and immediately thought, and unfortunately spoke aloud, “Oh, no, it’s backward.” Of course, I was simply holding the handle backward. Oh, yes, that was truly a moment one wishes they’d kept their mouth shut!! Daughter and I got a good laugh, though. I just know the rest of my day is going to be filled with fun and smiles.

Thank you, Lord, for making my day brighter with the gift of laughter and a sense of humor.


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