Scrapbooking, Scriptures, and Sofas

A friend got me interested in scrapbooking and my granddaughter helped me understand what a relaxing and creative thing it can be. I don’t have a lot of things ‘yet’ (notice the word yet) to work with as far as embellishments, but I have a ton of pictures!! I’ve inherited pictures from my mother and my mother-in-law along with all the pictures I’ve taken until digital hit the scene. The trick, I’ve learned, is which pictures tell the best story. The idea is to not use all the pictures, so choosing which to keep is a slow and sometimes painful process.

However, with this newly acquired craft, I wanted a place to work without dragging things back and forth to the kitchen table. So I began stalking my family room and envisioning changes. This kept popping into my head and yesterday I cameĀ  downstairs to look up the scripture verses for Bible Reading for the day, but got sidetracked. Yes, the family room move….

Not a big deal, but I moved the elliptical workout machine into my office which left room for the sofa to move back closer to the window. Not all the way yet, since an old treadmill is folded up and waiting to be moved to the curb for pickup. I cleared off the shelves of one bookcase (which held old VHS movies which belonged to my mother) and tossed them in the trash. The bookcase is perfect to hold my supplies. Right next to it I set up a table and an office chair, along with a floor lamp. Yay! A scrapbooking place of my own.

scrapbook corner

It was only when I finished the move that I remembered there was a different reason I’d come downstairs. Bible scriptures for the day. Check!

I love the new look in the family room, which will be even better when all the shelves are cleaned and the treadmill is gone. I know I’m going to have a lot of relaxing hours making scrapbook pages for the family to enjoy in later years. Looking through old pictures brings back memories to warm the heart. And, yes, I did spend my time with God reading in the book of Psalm, too!


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