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Unexpected MercyGrowing up in a very small “village” where everybody knew what was cooking for dinner in their neighbor’s house, I miss that closeness now that I’m living in a big city. I think that’s why I enjoy writing stories where people care about their neighbors and never hesitate to offer a kind smile and open their doors. A place where you get aggravated because everyone is in your business and offering advice, but when all is said and done, you are grateful.

Welcome Havens Creek. Come and visit. Meet Jake Taylor, the police chief. He’s a good man with a big heart for people and animals. He rescues and nurtures the furry creatures abandoned along the roads he patrols. You’ll most likely fall in love with Buck, his three-legged dog, and Dolly, his blind cat. A young widower, he has set his mind to never fall in love and marry again…until he rescues Summer Grant. In this first book in the series, you’ll meet many more characters, including Jake’s sister, Becca Middleton, and Michael Pittman, a man who lets revenge cripple his heart when he seeks to kill Summer, who is TRAPPED in Havens Creek.

Stick around and you’ll get to meet Chase Douglas, a rancher from Montana, who lost his leg while serving in Afghanistan. He comes to Havens Creek to take custody of his twin nieces when his sister dies. When Chase meets Becca, complications arise when he agonizes over fulfilling a promise made years ago–a promise long-forgotten and buried in a duffel bag along with the devastating nightmares of war. But, as you know everything happens IN GOD’S TIME. I think you might expect the town to rally around this broken man, and I think you might just shed a tear at the ending.

Spend Christmas in Havens Creek where the park is lit with millions of lights and love is in the air. In the previous book, you had a glimpse of twin brothers, Braden and Mark. Their story evolves in this book. The brothers are torn apart by an argument which happens just minutes before a motorcycle¬†accident puts Mark in the hospital in a coma. Broken hearts need healing and a miracle. It is Christmas and the brothers are in need of the FATHER’S GIFT. Meet their families and join them in praying for a miracle. There’s nothing like spending Christmas in Havens Creek.

Get better acquainted with Mark Ryland while he moves forward after the accident. Though he’s vowed never to ride a bike again, his curiosity is roused when a beautiful red-headed woman rides into Havens Creek on a purple Harley. The mysterious woman is not eager to share much about her past and little does the town know she isn’t who she claims to be. You’ll probably want to wrap your arms around Hannah, just as the town does when they learn the truth and offer UNEXPECTED MERCY. As you say goodbye to Havens Creek, you’ll be able to wave a final time to a lot of the people you’ve come to love.

I hope you enjoy your time in Havens Creek, where faith is big, hearts are huge, and hope abounds in the fictional town set in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

Blessings and Happy Reading,

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