A Gift or a Present?

Christmas-2009-06It’s the time of the year when children are enticed by commercials to want the fabulous toys that will make their heart happy and their lives complete! It’s a subtle message delivered into their brains. They can imagine Santa putting the biggest and best presents under the tree and that’s all they can talk about…presents!!

There is a small contingent of people who are rich enough to buy all the latest and greatest gadgets, gizmos, and toys for their families. But the majority can’t.

Hearts are saddened because the poorest of parents still want to give their children a Christmas that will make them smile. Bills are sometimes set aside, savings accounts are emptied, and credit card balances skyrocket…all in the desire to make Christmas morning a time of happiness for children.

What are we teaching our children? Are they learning the true meaning of Christmas? Those expensive toys will bring instantaneous joy, but in a few days, they will lay discarded or broken and the only one to benefit from all of this is the stores.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t give our children gifts or do what we can to make their Christmas morning happy. What I’m trying to say is when we are struggling to make ends meet, we don’t need to go into debt which will only increase the stress of unpaid bills in the next year! It is a vicious cycle and one that is difficult to overcome.

We should begin teaching our children the joy of giving. We should teach them about Jesus…about a baby born in a manger and what a true gift this was…a gift to the world that is still giving. We should teach children how a gift made by our own hands is more special than anything money can buy. We should teach them about the “spirit” of Christmas giving. The spirit that comes from the heart, not from a store.

Christmas comes from the heart. A birthday cake for baby Jesus. A candle in a window. Cutting down a tree. Hot chocolate. Hugs, cookies, and love. Goodnight prayers. Special gifts under the tree rather than an expensive abundance of presents.

Christmas is love. God is love. Family is love.


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