Stuffed Chicken Breasts & Crochet!!

pink fingerless glovesgreen fingerless glovesHurray! Now I can share two pictures of some Christmas gifts I have been working on. These are basketweave design crocheted fingerless gloves. I gifted them to two friends today while we shared a lovely Christmas dinner. The stuffed chicken breast I chose was delicious! The food and the camaraderie were wonderful.

I really like┬áthese gloves and hope to make some for myself after the first of the year. While I wouldn’t want to wear them in the coldest of weather, they are nice to warm up the hands in milder, but cool, air. I have times when my hands get cold for no reason and these would be ideal to use when I’m having that problem while typing.

The pattern was one I stumbled across on You Tube and if you know how to do front loop and back loop post stitches, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. I used baby yarn, but any sport weight yarn will do.

Also one of the presents I received today was perfect!

crochet books

Happy crafting!

christmas sig<

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