The Ugly Stocking

The Ugly StockingWhat does Christmas mean to you? This is the question each person at our annual Family Christmas Party had to answer before getting their present.

Instead of doing a gift exchange, each person brought “Ugly Christmas Socks” filled with treats for a member of the same sex. What fun we had emptying these socks and finding the treasures inside.

No Christmas gathering is complete without a family Christmas picture, so this is ours. Look at all those ugly and yet cherished socks!!

I wanted to capture what everyone said about what Christmas means to them. All the individual videos will be put together on a DVD which I’ll give to each family at our next year’s party.

Family is precious to me. I look forward to preparing for the party I host each year. It’s my gift to those I love so dearly. I want to instill that love for family in the hearts of all my children. It is my wish that they continue the tradition after I move to Heaven. Family is about love and about hope. It is about supporting, sharing, and creating lifelong bonds.

Christmas to me, of course, is all about celebrating the birth of Jesus. When He came into the world he brought love and hope. And these gifts live on each and every day. Christmas isn’t about money, or expensive gifts under the tree. It isn’t about keeping up with those who have more than us and feeling like we aren’t doing our best. Christmas begins in our hearts, not in our bank accounts.

Wishing you all a joyous Christmas and a heart filled with love.

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