Beware of First Impressions!

pets-2God loves animals. He created them, one and all. I’m certain there will be animals in Heaven and I’ll be reunited with all my beloved pets who left this earth. This picture is of our cat, Sara, who left us 12-1/2 years ago.

When I brought Sara home, my hubby took one look and said, “That’s an ugly cat!” I look at this picture and think she’s laughing at how she crept into our hearts despite one of us thinking she wasn’t perfect!

I reminded Ron of this statement every time he told Sara she was a beautiful baby over the years she blessed our lives. Ron and Sara became the best of buddies and she always followed him to bed at night. Sara lived to be 15 years old before she contracted congenital heart disease and we finally had to let her go.

Letting go is one of the hardest things we have to deal with in this life. Sometimes it is letting go of a loved one, sometimes it is letting go of a job, or letting go of the past. All of these things are a form of death. I’ve been more cognizant of this since one of my daughters suffered a stroke which took away some of the abilities she once possessed. It’s been a long struggle of trying to find┬áthe new her and letting go of who she used to be.

I’ve taken on the writing of a new book which deals with letting go. The tentative title is “In the Shadow of Death, You Are Not Alone.” My goal is to look at not only how we deal with the┬ádeath of a loved one, but other deaths we encounter throughout out lives. It’s a soul searching look at my own journey and how I’ve managed to cope with God’s help.

2016 is a new year with new opportunities. I’m embracing the new with anticipation and faith in God. I acknowledge God is Who He says He is, and can do what He says He can do. My priorities in life are: God, family, and career. They weren’t always as listed. It’s been a journey to realize the truly most important things in my life.


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