Appreciating the Blessings

From DonnaWhat is a best friend? I don’t think  any dictionary can give an accurate definition. When I was a little girl, I had a best friend who lived across the street. We played together, went to Sunday School together, and started school together. Then I moved. Though I’d see her whenever I visited my grandmother for two weeks each summer, we grew apart. I think of her sometimes and wonder where life led her.

When I was in high school I had a best friend. We were inseparable and had so many overnight pajama parties, I lost count. We saw each other a few times after graduation and when our families were very young. But we lost touch after she married for the second time. I think of her quite often and wonder where she is.

But these were not lasting best friends. My very best friend is the sister of my heart. We met when we were both employed at the same location. Oh, my, the shopping trips we took! A cruise, once, which is still something to laugh about. And we both lived through a time of fear when our sons were deployed for Desert Storm. Her oldest son and my middle daughter dated for a brief time. We went out to eat as couples lots of times, and shared lunchtimes when we worked together. Time separated us for a brief spell after employment took us in different directions and locations. But through Facebook we connected again.

The first time we saw each other after a stretch of a few years, we were like two happy puppies meeting our forever families. I swear the only thing we didn’t do was lick each other! You know you have a best friend for life when you can pick up as if no time has passed at all.

No, we don’t see each other every day, every week, or even every month. We do talk on the phone and communicate through social media, and meet for lunch as often as possible. Our time together is filled with laughter, reminiscing, talk about the future, and always a few tears. I can’t imagine my life without her.

We are sisters in Christ and sisters of the heart. Today we met for lunch and to celebrate Christmas (a little late, but it didn’t matter) and exchange gifts. The little Mexican food restaurant is never crowded and we are able to take up a booth as long as we want without feeling hassled or unable to hear each other. It doesn’t matter what gifts we get, it’s all from the heart. Though I must say my favorite gift is the ornament she gave me which commemorates the years of our friendship. The 60 bags of tea are awesome, too!

The friendship we share is deeper than those of my youth. Perhaps as we grow older, we learn to appreciate the true blessings in our lives. She is one of mine.

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