And Then There Was One

Church and graveyard taken in Somerset England  © Matthew Collingwood | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Church and graveyard taken in Somerset England © Matthew Collingwood | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Today in Sunday School we were studying John, Chapter 11, the story of Lazarus’ death and how Jesus called him out of the tomb. Some of the questions we discussed touched on our own experiences with death and grief.

A friend explained the death of her husband as an experience of losing herself. This, too, is what I felt. It is a true testimony that when we marry, the two become one. So, when our spouse dies, we are no longer the same person. We must learn how to move on while we are in a state of confusion.

How do we separate ourselves from the one who has died?

There will be times when we go through “a dark night of the soul” where we withdraw from the things we have always loved to do. We need to restore our soul. We need time to grieve and just let Jesus hold us. After the busy things that keep our mind focused on necessary actions, when everyone has gone back to their normal lives, and we don’t know now what normal is, this is when we feel cut off from everything and everyone.

Those with deep faith will find a path to walk, one which leads to a lesser place of pain, a renewal of spirit and a closer relationship with God. There is no magic formula. We don’t know the answers to our questions about death, we only have the hope and the promise that death is momentary, life is eternal. But it is enough for those who believe, and there is a peace that passes understanding. We are never alone.

My heart goes out to all who have suffered this kind of loss. I pray for you. And if you haven’t turned to God, now might be the time you need to seek out a church and talk to a pastor. God is waiting and only He can fill that empty space in your heart.


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