The Wireless Connection

wirelessSitting at my office desk and watching the snow fall this morning, I’ve seen several cars pass by, each with the driver holding a cell phone to their ear. I’m amused at how we have allowed the phone to become an albatross connected to our ears.

I was raised at a time when the phone didn’t control our lives! We didn’t have a tether to our phone which had to be with us at all times. We talked to friends in person, sometimes sitting across the kitchen table over a cup of coffee. When we went to a store, we smiled at people, spoke to people, and were courteous to the clerk checking us out. And the clerk didn’t have to set a cell phone down to take care of us!

We drove our cars with both hands on the wheel and listened to music on the radio or chatted with the person in the seat next to us. We didn’t worry about whether we’d miss a phone call or not.  In fact, it was nice to be away from that annoyance.

As technology has expanded, our social skills have shrunk in direct proportion. Why is it so important to remain connected to our smart phones? We are missing so much! The world is passing by and we don’t even meet the eyes of the people we pass in the stores or on the street. And while we’re driving? How can we be paying attention to the other cars when we are staring straight ahead and our mouths are going a mile a minute talking to a wireless connection?

When I’m driving, I don’t talk on a cell phone. I still have a landline and that is the number where people call me. If I’m not home, they can leave a message on the answering machine. I’ve never found anything waiting that is a matter of life or death.

The best wireless connection we have doesn’t cost a penny. It is a direct connection to a lifeline. The wireless connection is Jesus and He connects us directly to God.  If I’m driving, I can connect without taking my hands from the wheel. I praise Him for blessings I see, or if I’m lonely, I just talk to Him. If I pass an accident, I say a prayer for those who are involved. Sometimes I pray for people I know who need comfort, healing, or salvation.

My wireless connection is always at peak excellence. I don’t have to touch a screen or touch a button. Jesus is always with me and happy to carry my message up to the Throne!

Today I challenge you to think about your need to be connected to your phone. Does it control your life? Where is it leading you? What is it doing for you?

I guarantee the wireless connection Jesus offers will save you money, bring rich rewards, and change your life for the better.


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