Knowledge is Power If You Have Diabetes

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Since being diagnosed as a diabetic, my life has really changed. I’ve done a lot of reading and research to gain as much knowledge about the disease as I can. It’s a continual process of learning. This small magazine was the first piece of literature I purchased. it helped me to understand diabetes a little better.

Diabetes is scary. It can cause death. It can lead to other problems like nerve pain, heart and kidney disease, amputations. It is a disease that doesn’t go away. Once diagnosed, you will have to make efforts to change your lifestyle if you want to live the longest and healthiest life possible.

I’m a Type 2 diabetic. Many people who are Type 2 choose to let medication take care of their blood sugar, and continue to eat as they always have. I know that my pancreas is not working properly. Years of overeating carbohydrates has created the problem. My body does not produce enough insulin to effectively break down the sugars in my blood stream and they stay.

The result of my indulgence was being tired and lethargic. Especially after a meal. All I wanted to do was sleep. But I attributed it to other factors. There were nights when the bottom of my feet would itch so bad it kept me awake. My skin was dry. These were not things I associated with any disease.

I’ve known for years that carbs make me sleepy. When I was in the corporate world, especially when attending meetings which offered pastries and fruit for breakfast, I would find it hard to concentrate on what was being discussed. I struggled to keep my eyes open! Eventually I figured out not to eat carbs in the morning. But, never did I associate this with the possibility of developing diabetes. I didn’t have the knowledge I needed to prevent the ultimate slide into this stage of carbohydrate intolerance.

I’m determined to learn as much as possible as I share my journey through these blogs in hopes of helping others who are struggling with “what happened?”. Acceptance is the first step. And the hardest. How can your body betray you?

You have a choice to make. You can let medication take care of your problem, but it won’t stop you from having future problems. The truth is, you need to take control of what you put into your mouth. You need to begin reading all you can about diabetes, its causes, and a better lifestyle.

I’ve added exercise to my daily routine. I have a treadmill and I walk on it for 30 minutes minimum daily. I make a conscious effort to move more. I don’t buy processed or boxed foods. I buy fresh or frozen vegetables. I don’t use salt. A little pink journal is my companion. All the foods I eat are written inside. A page a day. I record calories, carbs, fiber, cholesterol, protein, and fats; daily fasting blood sugar; amount of exercise; and weight. This is what I will take to my doctor appointments.

Don’t fear the unknown. Arm yourself with information, make a plan that fits your life, and begin to take control rather of your disease. Don’t let it control you.

This is one of the sites which has some knowledge to get you started. Diabetes Lifestyle Changes.

I’m down 10 pounds since December 26 and my fasting blood sugar is down to 116. My doctor wants it to be under 110.

Don’t feel you are alone on this journey! I wish you good health, success, and happy results.


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