Maneuvering the Maze of Diabetes Type 2

© Radovan | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Radovan | Dreamstime Stock Photos

This is my life now. Running through a maze, gathering information, testing, experimenting, and hitting a dead end, then turning back and trying again.

What I’ve learned is this is not a cookie-cutter disease. God created each of us as unique individuals and how our bodies respond to food is just as unique as the rest of our genetic makeup.

Research has filled my head with some truths and a lot of fallacies. I never understood diabetes before. No wonder other people don’t understand what I’m dealing with. It’s not just about “eating healthy” any longer. It’s about eating the right foods which work for my body to process the carbohydrates.

Carbs are necessary to fuel the body. The RN at my doctor’s office told me to have 135 carbs daily, 45 at each meal. This is way too high for my body to handle. In order to cut my cravings and reduce my fasting blood sugar, my body responds best to 50 or less carbs per day.

Food and meal planning isn’t easy for me. It’s a chore. I need to find new alternatives so I’m looking forward to meeting one on one with a diabetes coach on March 9th.

I was bad this past week. I ate at a fast food restaurant and indulged in a cheeseburger and fries. Would have been better to skip the fries because my body loves potatoes and they raise my blood sugar. Then my granddaughter (15 years old) spent the night with me. I don’t have food in my house to appease teenagers, so I ordered a pizza and indulged. Sigh.

The problem, besides throwing my blood sugar lowering plan off track, is once I eat foods which were my “comfort” foods “in my old life” I crave them again.

I’m maneuvering the maze as best I can. This week I’ll focus on researching some tasty low carb, low fat recipes that don’t require stocking my cabinets and refrigerator with pricy ingredients. I’m not a gourmet cook or eater. I like plain and simple…and easy!

If all I needed to worry about was eating low carbs, it might be a little easier. My doctor has also told me to lower my cholesterol and fat intake. Trust me, it’s not easy!

But I’m happy to report that my fasting blood sugar is down to 106, which is right where the doctor wants me to be. If I continue to watch my diet and exercise and take my meds, I shouldn’t have any big spikes. At least, I’m progressing through the maze. Thinking positive!


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