What is This Journey We’re On?

image2-e1368622985447-225x300Yesterday during a family gathering after a meal, we discussed places we’d like to see and the sorrows of not having traveled much or perhaps not doing things to leave a mark in the world.What is

We talked about raising families, getting degrees, traveling to different states, seeing some of the “wonders” of the world, and that maybe our purpose in life was being fulfilled in our current situations.

Lately, I’ve been battling a feeling of being stagnant in a life that seems to hold nothing new for the future. Today in my Bible devotions, Jesus reminded me that this life I’m living is a steady journey toward Heaven.

What an awesome thought! Each step is one step closer to my ultimate destination: Heaven. I can only imagine what wonders I’ll see there! A life where there is no more fear, no more suffering, no more tears. I can’t wait to see what job God will give me when I get there. In the meantime, as I journey on, I’m being disciplined and taught how to live a life pleasing to God, a life to come will be more than awesome!

Today my heart is happy because I’m looking at every step I take as one on a path strewn with beauty, blessings, and opportunities. I only need to open my eyes, and listen to the messages I’m receiving from the One Who loves me just as I am, but seeks to show me who I can become.

The future holds many new things! From now on, I’m going to keep Heaven on the horizon as I journey through each day with Jesus by my side.


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