We All Have Struggles, But We Are Never Alone

red-rosebuds-rain-640x365Today is a rainy day in my gardens. The buds are just beginning to open to springtime, while winter hangs on tightly, refusing to give up, even though it is April.

On our morning walk, Jesus reminded me to remain close to Him. He knows I’ve been meeting obstacles and feeling a little frightened about the future. This, He said, is because I’m allowing Satan’s voice to direct me, rather than trusting in Him.

Each day we all have struggles, some more than others, but I’m reminded He sometimes places us in situations to humble us and to prepare us for the life God planned for us. This planned life is not meant to harm us, but to prosper us. When we allow fear to cloud our vision of Jesus, we fall away from the joy He wants for us.

Satan’s intent is to drag us into a state of fear, anger, and doubt. The Bible tells us to rejoice always, pray without ceasing and in everything to give thanks. (I Thessolians 5:16-18).

As we conclude our walk, I wipe the raindrops from my face, look up and thank God for this day and for the blessing of walking in the garden with Jesus.

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