When Your Road is Bumpy, Just Laugh!

IMG_20150814_141345693You know your road is going to be bumpy when you do what I did this morning!

I made my usual cream of wheat cereal and poured a glass of milk to go with it. Grabbed a packet of sweetener from the cabinet, carried it to the table, and dumped it in my glass of milk!

I stared in disbelief and then all I could do was laugh and, not wanting to be wasteful, I drank the milk. It was like drinking a very watery milkshake made with “not real ice cream.”

It’s good to have the ability to laugh at oneself when things like this happen. That’s why God gave us a sense of humor. I bet He was laughing, too.

I’m beginning to feel like a mouse in a testing lab who hears a bell ring and heads for the food. My Fitbit App has a new setting to track the¬†when you walk 250+ steps in an hour. Wanting to get the benefit of moving more during the day instead of cramming all my exercise into one lump walk, I’ve been setting my timer when I’m working on the computer to go off once an hour.

I head to the treadmill and walk for 1/4 mile, then go back to work again. It’s fun to see the hours marked off and I really, really want to see all my trackers turn green when I’ve made my goals for the day. Sunday is my day off of doing any kind of work or exercise. All day yesterday, I kept wanting to hop on the treadmill and I cringed when I didn’t see goals met at the end of the day. Maybe I am a bit OCD…

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