Ever Try to Analyze a Crazy Dream?

journalingI woke this morning with vivid memories of a crazy dream which made no sense! I know where pieces of it came from, but those memories all clashed together into a weird puzzle of a dream.

First, I was in a bathroom and had to hide in a stall when a man came in and used the stall next to me! After he left, I escaped and I was in a building which was supposed to be my youngest daughter’s workplace. I’d gone in to help her and hopefully have her boss see she needed an assistant (and I needed a job). We were pulling files from a line of cabinets and stacking them up. Next they were on the floor, which turned out to be a blacktop street, and I magically had my lawn garden cart and asked if she wanted to use it to carry the files up to her office. She said we couldn’t because the elevator wasn’t working. Now she needed to find a place to stash that garden cart until quitting time. While she was doing that, I turned the cart over to empty out some bark and twigs. I noticed a pothole in the street and brushed at some leaves which turned out to be a baby owl!

Crazy, right! Okay, the bathroom thing came from watching a newscast about part of a contested law is that males must use men’s bathrooms, and women must use women’s bathrooms. The workplace is because I’ve been considering getting a job outside the home. The garden cart came from my toting branches cut from bushes from the back yard to the curb for pickup yesterday. The owl? I don’t have a clue. Maybe I saw a picture on Facebook!

There are no mystical answers, just a jumbled mess of things which tumble together when I’m sleeping. I would imagine some great ideas could be found if I could take things I’ve experienced in my life and mix them all up. Oh, wait! That’s what I do when I’m writing a book. If you find pieces of yourself in one of my stories, it’s not you! However, I have been known to kill off a few characters in my books that may or may not be symbols of people I’ve known!

So now it is your turn to share! Do you have a crazy dream you remember?

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