Stop! In the Name of Love…

Stop! In the Name of LovePriorities are set in our minds. We decide what is first, what we do now, and what we do later.

This morning my cat, Templeton, was in a very “needy” loving mood. He trekked across my lap, across the back of my office chair, around and around, purring loudly so I couldn’t ignore him. I had settled at the computer to do my morning post, which was becoming very difficult.

Next he moved to my desk. He walked right across the laptop and settled beside me on the desk, right on top of my working materials. I moved them so he would have his “space.”

He is so long that when he stretched, my tissue box, picture and note holder were pushed to the edge of disaster! Finally, he settled down and I began to work. Then he started chewing the 10 Tips paper hanging on the shelf right behind him (as shown in the picture). If you look closely, you’ll see little tear marks from his teeth.

I corrected him, telling him no, and pulling his head away. Then he looked at me, just as you see in the picture. Doesn’t he look disappointed?

I put my hands on the keyboard and he reached out with his paw and tapped me on the arm. So, I stopped, in the name of love, to give him the attention he craved. Yes, he is more important to me than my computer and my “personally established to-do list.” Templeton is 13 years old. He won’t always be here with me and one day I’ll miss him and his antics.

How easily we become “addicted” to having things go our way, as we plan. Priorities are set and we sometimes forget what our real priorities should be. We should take time to look at our children when they call out, “Watch me!” We should stop and listen when our family members have something to say.

In this busy world, we often place too much emphasis on achieving instead of loving, or loving the “right” things.

This isn’t the post I planned to write this morning, but it is the one God laid on my heart, by a tiny tap on my arm.

Have a blessed day!

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