One of Those Mornings Where My Brain is Confused

Old TypewriterThis morning as I sit here relaxing and drinking my Earl Grey tea, I’m shaking my head at the way the day began.

I went downstairs to fill the cat food container, walked into the basement, and opened the trash can lid. As I stared at the bag of trash, I was so glad no one was around to observe. Quickly, I turned around and did what I came down to do.

Next I fed the cats and grabbed a glass to get filtered water to add to their water dish. Filled the glass and opened the Keurig and poured in the water. I stared at what I’d done, truly getting worried about my state of mind, prepared the tea, refilled the glass and added the water to the cat’s dish.

I decided not to do another thing until I had breakfast. Not sure if the lack of sleep last night or lack of food caused these weird happenings, but I’m just grateful that I noticed right away.

So what do you think causes a brain to malfunction like this? Ever have something like this happen to you? It’s a bit scary.

Maybe God just wanted to tell me to slow down, breathe, and settle down for a quiet talk. That’s what I did. Looking through my window now, I see the sky is a pretty powder blue between the mounds of white, fluffy clouds. Birds are enjoying the tree in the front yard. My lawn is mowed, and a pretty green. My day lily is growing and so are the coneflowers. My heart is happy to welcome the day.


Carol Ann



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