Co-Existing with Clarence, My Underground Buddy

Battleground2I removed the paving stones around the hole under my shed on Sunday afternoon because I began feeling guilty. What if the groundhog was in the hole when I blocked it off? If he died, not only would I feel terrible, but he would leave behind an odor that would be not-so-good.

On Tuesday mid-morning, I was sitting on the deck talking with one of my daughters when I caught a glimpse of a head popping out of the hole! Sure enough the groundhog was checking to see if the way was clear. He scampered out and ran off to forage for food.

So I named him Clarence. I know the only reason he made the mess in my yard is because I kept trying to plug up the hole, so he had to dig to get around it. We have an agreement now. I will not block his entrance to his shelter beneath the shed and he will not dig any other holes in my yard.

Clarence is a reasonable groundhog. We can co-exist in harmony.

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