Spending Time with God in my Inspire Bible

My daughter gifted me with an Inspire Bible. I had never heard of Bible Journaling before, but she directed me to some sites where I learned a lot more. Some people are true artists and do Bible Art Journaling. I’ve found a happy medium with coloring the pictures in the new Bible, and journaling my thoughts in the margins, and in a notebook.

Hope you will enjoy  my sharing thoughts and creations with you in some upcoming blog posts.

My Pretty Bible

My Pretty Bible


The Lovely art work on the edges between the covers

The Lovely art work on the edges between the covers










exodus 23-20


One of the pages I did. I cut out clouds from card stock and placed them on the scripture before coloring around them with chalk pastels. The chalk is transparent so it doesn’t mar the words. I also left the actual verse uncovered as well.






Matthew 5This is called a ‘tip-in’. Its a page created and then attached in the binding area with washi tape (a removable tape). It turns like a page so it doesn’t cover scripture. This one is where I wrote my thoughts about a sermon on loving our enemies.



I’m enjoying this form of Bible study because it’s something I can do when I’m alone. I usually spend Sunday afternoons creating these pictures while I learn scriptures and draw closer to God. I enjoy it even more than coloring in adult coloring books.


Carol Ann




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