Vehicle Maintenance – Yes or No?


So here I sit at my Toyota dealer’s waiting room while my vehicle is getting an oil change and pondering the expense of all the past due maintenance. No, they never informed me prior to this. Total of all is about $800. Sure. Like I will just cough up the money this morning with no warning. Sigh.

So I’ll have to schedule them one at a time into my budget. Since I don’t drive many miles in a year or a day, I’m not too concerned about having a problem. This makes me think of the past when no one had to do all these things on a “regular basis.” My vehicle only has 50,000 miles on it. ¬†Supposedly vehicles are made better and to last. So is the reason because the decarb throttle body service must be done every 2 years?

As life becomes easier, I realize it also becomes more complicated.

And now I’ll step off my disgruntled rant step and be grateful for this new day and my health. Long live my Rav 4!


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