Celebration of Life

Ron Wishing WellThis is one of my favorite pictures of my hubby. It was taken after church next to the wishing well he built without any pattern, except the one he made himself. It was the last thing he was able to build before going on oxygen 24X7.

He was called to heaven three years ago today. I woke with this on my mind, but in praying I told God I didn’t want to be sad today. He reminded me I should be celebrating this day because on this day, Ron became pain-free and rid himself of the burden of the oxygen tanks, COPD, arthritis, A-fib, medication and anxiety. Now he is happily building things for God, gardening, enjoying walks and long conversations with old friends and new. So I wipe away a tear that escapes because I still miss him so, and love him with all of my heart. But I smile because I’m joyful for him receiving God’s promise of eternal life.

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