blog-deskGood Morning!

I’m sitting here among a stacked and piled up desk, and basking in the comfort of my new writing position. My back bothers me when I sit at my desk and write. I need back support and my lovely desk chair and my short legs don’t quite agree. So I usually wind up sitting on the edge of the chair to reach my laptop keyboard. Today I’m leaning back in my chair with a lap desk bridging the gap between the desk and my lap and the computer right at my¬†fingertips.

This is a God-inspired idea. He’s a very resourceful God and teaches me ways to “fix” things all the time. I can sit here and steeple my fingers with my elbows on the arm rests and think. It’s wonderful!

And, guess what? I can reach my tea just fine, too. Lifting my cup this morning with a joyful smile and a grateful heart. May Jesus guide your steps and guard your tongue and may the love in your heart flow out to bless others today.

Until tomorrow…

Joyfully Yours,

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