Trusting What the Eye Cannot See

MVC-006SSundays are hard for me since my hubby has moved on to his Heavenly rewards. I have never liked being a solitary person. I crave companionship.

But in this morning’s devotion, God reminded me that even though my union with Him is invisible, that bond can never be severed.

Like the kitten trusts there is water in the bowl, which is invisible to his eye, I need to trust that God is more real than what my eyes can see. This is what brings me peace and makes me feel safe. Nothing the world can do to me can take me away from God.

The horrendous acts of terrorism, violence and destruction are not acts of power, but of desperation. Pastor John Muiz spoke this wise statement in a sermon yesterday. We are living in a time when God’s Kingdom is being ushered in. I don’t know what is happening in God’s Kingdom right now, but I have faith in knowing the outcome.

So, my time of solitude is God’s plan for me right now. It is a time He is calling me to follow Him on a solitary path. I do have companionship, just of a different kind than in the life I spent with my beloved husband.

God is good!

I lift my cup of tea this morning and ask that God will open my eyes and your eyes to see Him and His mighty Hand at work in the world. Amen.

Joyfully yours,

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