The Smile That Keeps on Giving

DSC02387There is nothing like a smile!

I believe smiling is one of the gifts God gives which we don’t use often enough, nor recognize as a gift.

My hubby’s smile is missed everyday. His eyes had a special way of reaching deep inside me when he gave that special smile. Like the one captured in this photo.

I have more formal pictures, but they don’t show his heart like this one does. This one speaks of his determination to continue on despite the odds, to make the best of every day, and it says, “I love you and I’ll love you forever..”

In the worst of times, this is the face I saw. The one where he looked at me and said “I love you” and his smile made everything right again. His strong arms held me close, tenderly, with never a hint of anger or overpowering strength. He taught me to trust and not be afraid of love.

I miss his smile, the caress of those beautiful chocolate eyes, every second of every day. Yet I have the comfort of knowing he is in heaven and we will be reunited one day.

Until then, the memories are embedded in my soul and his smile lives on in my heart as I whisper, “I love you, too. Forever.”

Today I thank God for all his blessings, for the gifts He has given, and especially for the gift of smiling. It’s a gift we can share freely, doesn’t cost a penny, and can become viral.

I often think about the love I shared with my hubby when I write my books. I learned so many things through our life together. We had a lot of struggles and hardships, but we also had love, and we had a love for God. Hopefully that kind of love is embodied in the stories I tell.

Unexpected Mercy



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