How I Beat Procrastination And So Can You


Bees never procrastinate. They don’t look at a field of flowers and then sit back in the hive and say, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

I’ve always been a “go for it” kind of person. Never afraid to tackle something new. It brought me far in the work world because I loved finding new, faster, and more accurate ways of completing tasks. I was labeled an organizer, a person who got things done, and someone to go to if there was a problem.

I loved my job. Except for filing. I’d stack a few papers on my desk with a mental note to file them “tomorrow.” Eventually that stack would grow until I couldn’t bear to look at it another minute. That’s when I’d schedule an end of day filing session. You’d think I’d learn to just file things as needed, wouldn’t you?

I’ve carried that procrastination into my current life. My gardens outside have become overgrown with HUGE weeds because I keep putting off gardening for another day, a cooler day, a day when I have less other things to do. Thus the project is now something I look at and think “I can’t do it. It’s too much for me to handle. I need to live in an apartment where someone else takes care of the outside work.”

I sipped my morning cup of tea today and decided to tackle at least a couple minutes of weeding. I went outside and weeded the largest garden in the back. It took about two hours, but I feel so accomplished! I came inside thanking God for giving me the strength to overcome the job. That’s when I realized I had put on my “I can’t do it” hat about the outside yard work. Easier to procrastinate and make excuses. Now I have a “I can do it” hat which I will put on when I get out of bed every day. Why? Because I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!

Next I thought about writing. I’ve been procrastinating over writing a book for seven months, having accomplished only six chapters, when normally I would have finished the book and be ready for edits. Sigh. Why?

I made a big mistake. I decided to write a different kind of series than what I normally do. Even went so far as to have five book covers made up in advance! I knew the heroines names and what their main problem was. It should have been a good series, and it might be one day. One day when my heart is engaged with the idea.

So I’ve learned by putting on my “I can do it” hat, my procrastination came from not enjoying the words I wrote. In any job, you must enjoy your work. A writer even more so. If the mind isn’t in love with the words, with the characters, with the heart of the story, then failure looms.

How could I confess to the world I had made a big mistake? The stories I promised, and showed book covers for, and a few paragraphs about…was not going to happen. Aha moment! I am in charge of my career. If I were to persevere and write a book when my heart wasn’t involved, the readers wouldn’t like it any more than I did.

So I pulled up my big girl panties and confessed the truth. And the huge weight on my shoulders, I didn’t even realize I was carrying, vanished! Poof! And a new story began to unfold. A story with a nasty villain. Christian based characters who needed to find their happily ever afters. A story my heart wants to write. The passion has returned.

Procrastination has been vanquished. As long as I wear my “I can do it” hat, I can kick procrastination to the curb. And so can you! We can be busy little bees, too!

How about it? Do you procrastinate over certain things? Do you have a method to beat it? If not, I’m happy to share my hat with you!

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The first book which launched my career as an inspirational writer was JOSHUA’S HOPE. I still receive messages from new readers who have found the book to be one they couldn’t put down. A story which touched their hearts. And that, dear readers, is what I always want to write.

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How I Beat Procrastination And So Can You — 4 Comments

  1. I just love that everything you write is straight from the heart. Thank you for being so honest and I can’t wait for your new story. I don’t care if it is not the series you originally thought about just as long as you write.

    • Thank you so much, Gloria! It was a little frightening to share my heart and the mistake I’d made. Knowing I have the support of wonderful people like you makes the journey worth it. I am so blessed.

  2. I’m here if you need me. I was in shock when I got the news, and couldn’t understand why… I love you so much and praying for you, Sis!!❤

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