A Big Oops in my Knitting!

sugar pie prayer shawl


I’ve neglected posting about my prayer shawl ministry lately. Mostly because it’s been a hot summer and working with yarn is a hot project! I do spend at least an hour or so a week knitting during a weekly Skype session with daughter in Wisconsin. The prayer shawl above is the one I’ve been working on. It’s a pattern I received free from the website Alice’s Embrace

The website is devoted to providing hand-knit and hand-crocheted prayer shawls and lap blankets to those suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.

I really like the pattern and it is easy to remember since it is a repeat of four rows for the main pattern. BUT, I was busy chatting with my daughter today and somehow I messed up the first five stitches on ONE row and didn’t catch it until later.

And oops


See the problem?


Yeah, and I know if I was a more accomplished knitter, I’d be able to fix this without taking out all those rows. Sigh.

As it is, I will probably have to rip out about 8 rows.

The shawl is going to be very nice. It is knit holding two skeins of yarn together, and being a close knit, it will be a nice warm winter shawl. At this rate it will be winter before it’s finished!

I hadn’t knit in quite a few years since I began crocheting prayer shawls. However, after my shoulder surgery, crochet doesn’t work well for me. The twisting motion makes my bicep (which was torn and repaired) hurt. So I taught myself how to do Portuguese style knitting which requires very little arm involvement and I’m happy to be back to knitting again.

So add me to your prayers that I keep my cool as I destroy over an hour’s knitting work!

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