Crickets or Cicadas? Is This a Plot to Drive Me Crazy?

dark and cricketsIf I could bottle sound, you’d be hearing the most beautiful music right now! I came into my office at O’Dark Thirty and was met with an almost deafening sound of crickets or cicadas serenading me! My office is below level with the windows at ground level. I can’t even describe what I’m hearing!

Templeton, one of my cats, was sitting on the windowsill when I turned on the light. He, too, must have been listening and wishing he could get through the window to chase some of the musical creatures. He just took off running and shaking his head.

Honestly, the sound is beginning to get to me. I feel like I’m surrounded by these little creatures. Surround Sound has nothing on the concert in my office.  Would you call this chirping? It’s an indescribably sound of millions of them. Whatever they are! I’m starting to feel a crazy side coming out. I want to silence the noise.

I want to throw something! I need quiet in order to think! Why hasn’t the light chased them away? Where is the sun, already? It’s still pitch dark outside, even with my front light on, the dark at my windows is not penetrated.

Aargh! I’m so sorry. I can’t continue. I’ve got to escape! Hope to see you again if I’m not captured and tortured by “little noisy things.”

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