When You’re Trying to Work, But the Cats Want Fed

grumpy wilburLiving with cats is a hoot! Especially when my schedule doesn’t coincide with theirs. I used to feed the felines about 5pm, but then I started back to work part-time (a story for another time).

My thought process was to come home, feed the cats to keep them from bugging me, and then settle down to write.

Today being Friday, I didn’t have to go to work, so I’ve been hanging out at the computer trying to get some work done.

I’m actually procrastinating from mowing the lawn, but don’t let the cat out of the bag (pun intended).

Cats have a unique timetable. They are now used to being fed at 3pm sharp. It is now 3:48pm. Thus the grumpy face from Wilbur who is sitting on the cat condo right next to my keyboard.

hungry templetonOn the other side, sitting on the floor and staring at me without wavering, is Templeton. Trust me they aren’t starving. They have (gasp) very expensive cat food in their food dishes all day long. The afternoon food is just a treat. One tiny can of Fancy Feast cat food divided three ways.

And here comes Charlotte! The gang is all here, so I better head upstairs and feed them.

My cats rule the house. They just let me live here.


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