Filling My Jar with Rocks, Pebbles, Sand, and Water

emptyjarI’m sure you’ve heard the story about the teacher holding a jar and filling it with rocks and asking students if it is full or not, right? Yep, she continues adding things and asking the question again: pebbles, sand and then water.

Since losing my hubby my jar has been empty although I thought it was full. I had things to keep me busy. But truthfully, I had only filled my jar with rocks. There were a lot of spaces left to fill, though I didn’t admit it to myself.

I added writing again as the pebbles in the jar and more of the holes were filled. I enjoy writing whether I’m working on a book, writing an inspirational or humorous Facebook post, or pouring my thoughts into a blog like this one.

I had a routine to follow. Friends to meet for lunch or a movie. Church. Family. Reading. Devotions. Bible Reading. Coloring. Knitting. And a few television shows to watch in the late evenings. Oh, and cats to feed and bills to pay. My jar should have been full.

Yet, I felt unfulfilled in some way. I didn’t really feel I was living into the purpose God had prepared for me. That’s when I began working part-time at my church as the Administrative Assistant to our Pastor. I’m learning new things, utilizing my organizational and computer skills, and coming home feeling like I put in a good day’s work inĀ God’s Kingdom. I’ve added sand into my jar.

I know my jar isn’t completely filled yet, but I’m learning how to deal with what feels like a pretty full jar right now. In time, I know God will say, “Hey, you’ve got some room left!”

Life is good and I am blessed. Thank You, Lord.

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Filling My Jar with Rocks, Pebbles, Sand, and Water — 1 Comment

  1. I went through the same process and I understand completely. In fact it was when I went went for a Walk for Emmaeus a year ago that I really completely came to face with my feelings.

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