My Crazy Cat Chases His Tail

storms-templetonThere is nothing quite like being woken from sleep by the antics of my cat Templeton when he chases his tail! Seriously!

How can one sleep through that? Not only is he noisy, but he sometimes falls off the bed only to jump right back up again and get up close and personal with a meow as if I had pushed him. . . or maybe to say, “I meant to do that!”

And then there are the times he chews his back nails. Disgusting. I keep them clipped, but I think it’s a habit. I used to think nail biting was a human thing, but he proved me wrong about that, too.

Life with Templeton is never dull. And I’m grateful! Even though I’m writing this in the middle of the night because he woke me up. Right now, he’s quiet because he finally caught his tail and he’s looking around waiting for it to move again.

What’s not to love about cats?

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