Back Yard Shows

me-and-judyI’ve always loved to write and while a lot of authors say they began writing stories at a very early age, my first taste of writing was actually putting together back yard shows. For several years I lived with my grandparents, from kindergarten through third grade, actually.

My grandmother made my dresses from flour sacks. I wish I still had one of those to show my grandkids. Anyway, I diverse. The plays.

I’d spend all day long with my friends gathered in the back yard as I directed everyone in the musical production we would perform for the neighbors. We sang group songs, mostly those we learned in Sunday School. There were soloists. There were duets. And there were an early version of music videos! Once we rehearsed everything, I’d gather one of my friends and we would invite the neighbors to come see our show at a specific time. We charged a nickel.

We’d line up lawn chairs, make Kool-Aid, and sometimes have popcorn. Everyone got their “treats” after the show.

I can still hear the children’s choir as we held up our fingers and sang “This Little Light of Mine!” We always received a standing ovation.

Perhaps I should have been an entrepreneur instead of an author.

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